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Allowing health to re-emerge

What do I treat?

I treat people, and address the issues you bring to my attention. Current advertising regulations prohibit me from mentioning specific conditions, other than musculo-skeletal, for which osteopaths are well known. However, many of my patients have reported improvements in overall health and in unexpected ways, as a result of treatment. People come to see me for many different reasons. If you want to find out more regarding your health, or your children's health, please contact me.

My treatment approach

I work gently, using a variety of traditional osteopathic approaches. These include joint articulation and mobilisation, deep tissue release, and application of an original osteopathic principle of balanced tension (in which the body starts to self-correct). I also incorporate more recently evolving cranial and biodynamic approaches. Occasionally I use firm tissue release techniques, but do not use any forceful high velocity manipulation.

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